My Story

Shubham Sharma

Born in the heart of India, Delhi from childhood I tend to be on the creative side, my curiosities steer me more towards creative arts, business & technology. Henceforth completed my schooling from Mother Divine School, Dep. commerce in 2014. Academic college Delhi University B.A Hons. English (2015-2018).

I’ve whirled music from the way of my passion towards the road of the profession when I start discovering western classical, Indian Classical & pop vocal music with world of instruments. My novelty stimulates additionally towards music by learning guitar, singing and piano from Trinity College London which has develop the techniques and are the roots of my musical journey. Music is everything for me it’s inside me and out, it’s not only a part of my life but it strives from the inner being it connects me to the cosmos and made me a more deeply loving person.

The music grows exponentially when it leagues music knowledge and talent of vocal, instruments with music production & sound engineering. After completion of music production from Berklee College of music, i’ve commence with my idea and love of stock music company in 2019. It takes about a year to create sustainable sound library for selling there royalty-free license  (Music License).

The idea behind Wave Genre comes after I realise the people or startups render the professional studio needs music for their commercial projects in the Short film industry, radio stations, news, Advertisements, Gaming, Corporates, Vlogs, creators, and many more. In today’s world, no video can impact the audience without having a good sound. That’s how it started the wave genre for providing commercial music licenses around the world. Currently, Wave Genre serves music licenses to global clients in Major countries – the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, India, Germany, Middle East, Africa, and more.

SHUBHAM SHARMA (Music Producer)
Founder & CEO
Wave Genre